Thursday, August 25, 2011

Expanding Art & Creativity

Three of the 70+ children who learned to make their own jewelry last Saturday in Batey Aleman

Proudly showing off their new creations and skills!

Every hour we would teach jewelry making classes of 10-15 children
Look what I made!
 Last Saturday, with the help of a few of the daughters of the women in the co-op, we took on the challenge of teaching jewelry making classes to more than 70 children in Batey Aleman.  It was a huge success!  Leading up to the classes there was a sign up sheet posted for all interested children and we had as many as 16 names each hour from 9:45am to 5:30pm. Each child was able to make at least two pieces of jewelry, learning 2-3 different jewelry making techniques each!

New handmade, stylish beach totes offered by the Batey cooperative
The children's sign up sheet for jewelry making classes, offered all day on Saturday in the Batey!

The women learned the Herringbone Weave jewelry making technique

Using the Herringbone Weave jewelry making technique, the women learn to design earrings, bracelets and more!

Matt, our fabulous Nest field rep, who lives in the Dominican Republic working with the women, took a quick jaunt home to visit family!  He was able to bring back some additional supplies donated by Dragonfly Designs…with these supplies, we’ve been able to continue to teach increasingly advanced jewelry making techniques to the women in the co-op. Unfortunately, we continue to experience road block after road block in obtaining the donated materials from customs.  The package has been in country waiting since early August!  I’ve been promised that tomorrow is the magic day…we’ll see, but I have faith.

We head back to the US next Wednesday, August 31st and we have much to accomplish before that day! More soon about our final days...we have even been invited to be on a local TV station on Monday, talking about our work with Batey Aleman!

New beautiful and stylish beach tote offered by the women's co-op!

The women and children continue to increase their jewelry making skills and knowledge working with different materials

The women learn to make paper beads and intertwine them with glass and shell beads to create beautiful designs

Showing off newly aquired advanced jewelry making skills

Showing off their creativity bliss!

Each day the women are SO proud to wear the jewelry that they learned to create and designed themselves!
Last Saturday, with the help of

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